We’d love to know about your home improvement intentions. Please answer the questions below. One respondent will receive a $500 gift card!

1. Do you own your home?*
2. What type of dwelling do you live in?*
3. How much do you estimate your home or property are currently worth?*
4. Are you planning on adding any of the following rooms to your home? (Check all that apply)*
5. What you are looking to remodel on the interior of your home? (Check all that apply)*
6. Tell us what you are looking to remodel on the exterior of your home? (Check all that apply)*
7. Are you thinking about any of these specific improvements? (Check all that apply)*
8. What are the reasons for your next home improvement project? (Check all that apply)*
9. Is it important to you that your home is environmentally friendly?*
10. When are you thinking about making these improvements?*
11. How do get your home improvement work done?*
12. What factors do you consider when choosing a tradesperson? (Check all that apply)*
13. Where do you shop for your home improvement supplies? (Check all that apply)*
14. Where do you shop for appliances? (Check all that apply)*
15. How much money are you planning to spend on your home improvement project(s)?*
16. Do you plan to get a loan to finance these purchases/projects?*
17. What’s your main source for information on home remodeling projects? (Select your top 3)*
18. What type of advertising influences your home improvement projects? (Check all that apply)*
19. Does hearing one of your favourite radio station personalities do commercials for home improvement products or services make you trust that product or service…*
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