We’d love to know about your travel preferences. Please answer the questions below. One respondent will receive a $500 gift card!

1. How often do you travel for leisure?*
2. How often do you travel for business?*
3. How do you usually travel to your destination? (Check all that apply)*
4. Do you usually rent a car at your destination?*
5. Have you ever taken a cruise?*
6. When do you tend to travel?*
7. When do you plan to travel next? *
8. What is the purpose of your next travel?*

The following questions are for leisure travel.

9. On your next leisure trip, where do you plan to travel? (Check all that apply)*
10. Do you ever vacation in your hometown (staycation)?*
11. On your next trip, who do you plan to travel with? (Check all that apply)*
12. How do you usually purchase your leisure travel? (Check all that apply)*
13. How do you decide your travel destination? (Check all that apply)*
14. How are you researching/planning your next holiday? (Check all that apply)*
15. Will you be purchasing travel insurance?*
16. What kind of accommodations do you intend to stay at? (Check all that apply)*
17. What's important to you in any accommodations you book? (Check all that apply)*
18. What do you like to do when you go on vacation? (Check all that apply)*
19. How much are you planning to budget for your next holiday?*
20. I plan to spend...*
21. What kind of advertising influences your travel decisions? (Choose all that apply)*
22. Does hearing one of your favourite radio station personalities talk about travel services or destinations make you trust that product or service?
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